Introduction to Spiritual Laws

We recognize the existence of physical laws, such as gravity, because they govern life on earth as we know it. We may not understand them, but we acknowledge their existence and even use them because they’re part of our daily lives. Most of us don’t realize, however, there are similar laws that govern the spiritual realm and even affect our temporal, earthly existence. Some of them are so reasonable, we hardly think of them as spiritual laws.

We refer to the governing forces in the physical and spiritual realms as “laws” because they have three important characteristics. First, they are immutable; they never change. Our understanding and explanation of these laws may change with time, but the laws themselves do not change. Second, laws are inviolable; they cannot be violated. One law may supersede another under certain conditions — the law of aerodynamic lift overcomes the law of gravity under certain conditions, allowing an airplane to fly, for example — but if we try to violate a law, we may experience serious harmful consequences. Third, because laws are inviolable, they’re also universal; that is, they apply equally to everyone in every situation.

In Jeremiah 33:25, the Lord referred to “the fixed laws of heaven and earth” he established and “the laws of the heavens” in Job 38:33. The laws we’ll examine in this series reflect his nature and are his declaration of how his kingdom functions. They bring consistency and peace, not disorder. (Mal 3:6; 1 Co 14:33) Every one of these laws is an expression of his love for his creation.

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to briefly describe some of the spiritual laws that govern our lives. We’ll turn to the Bible, which we accept as the ultimate reference on the spiritual realm, to identify the laws and learn how they govern our lives.

It’s important to maintain a proper perspective during this study, because we might be inclined to focus on the laws themselves instead of our relationship with God. So our goal is to discover some laws he created to govern life in his kingdom, that we might honor him and become more effective in our service by using the laws properly.

Spiritual laws work to varying degrees for everyone. As Christians, however, we can expect the greatest and most consistent results when we use them in ways compatible with God’s kingdom. Usually this means serving others with humility and self-sacrificing love.

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One Response to Introduction to Spiritual Laws

  • Susanne Rivera says:

    I remember Ken Copeland talking about the spiritual kingdom, and physical kingdom where we need to bring down supernatural from spiritual kingdom to happen in the physical kingdom. It connected to my experience, I would like to share my testimony. For instance, my spirit zoomed to grab His word with the Holy Spirit’s help. In the beginning, my mind woke up, then my spirit’s eyes caught His word about one second, and then my spirit flew speedily through three heavens like 5 sec. I grabbed His word and said, “Yes, I believe, I received.” AWESOME!!! I remember that I felt that same kind of experience about 10 or more years ago. However, this was a different experience like zooming in a speed and grabbing, not just hearing and talking, because I KNOW from the past which helped me, instead of puzzling why/what.

    If I could not wake up or dream to distract, I would miss His word. I realized that the enemy could steal His blessings, and/or block His children’s prayer answers. I think that it is like the Star Wars where the Lord watches many enemies in the air before He sends out a missle at the right spot like a shooting star of His word. So the enemy could miss it where His speed is faster than them. AMEN! Hallaujah!

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