Change Must Begin with the Church

“Please join me in prayer, not just for our nation, but primarily for the American church. There is hope for our nation — there always is when God’s involved — but the change must begin with us.”
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New Work Habits

“As we learn to work cooperatively with God, we’ll radically alter our work habits because we’ll learn to rely on Him for the desired results.”
— A quote from “Royal Partners,” a book by Larry Fox

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Human Government Is Imperfect

“Every human government will violate God’s law on some point, because all humans are imperfect, including those in leadership or government positions. God alone is perfect. So it is foolish for Christians to pledge obedience to their human authorities as… Continue reading →

Spiritual Or Secular?

“There is no distinction between spiritual and secular for us as Christians. Everything we do is spiritual in nature because we’re spiritual beings wherever we are and whatever we do.”
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Comprehensive Redemption

“God blessed you with a perfect character that sin perverted, causing your greatest strengths to become your biggest problems. Since God’s plan of redemption is as comprehensive as the effects of sin, whatever sin has destroyed or perverted, He can… Continue reading →