An Overview of the End Times

Following is a brief overview of the major phases of the biblical end times. You will find complete articles on the Articles page.

Beginning of Birth Pains: worldwide turmoil

Great Tribulation: Satan/world’s wrath against Israel, abomination of desolation, Jerusalem trampled 42 months, 2 witnesses

Cosmic Disturbance: sun and moon darkened, stars fall, severe earthquake, terrain changes, sea roaring and tossing, people terrorized by events

Day of the Lord: Lord returns for the church, 144,000 Jews marked/protected, great multitude in heaven, God’s wrath, Lord returns with armies to set up kingdom, battle of Armageddon, Babylon destroyed, Satan into the Abyss, 1000-year reign, unbelievers to eternal punishment

Eternity: new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem from heaven

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