Response to Election Results

This week, following the 2012 Presidential election, many of my Christian friends are dismayed. Some say, “America has sealed her fate! This is the end of our nation as we know it!” Whether that is true, we don’t know, but there’s more to this picture.

Many have considered America a Christian nation but we Christians have become complacent; i.e., lazy, indifferent and just like the world. We need to realize Bible-believing Christians are a minority in our culture, that the majority of people — including many Christians — don’t have the same values, standards or goals. Ours should be based on the Bible, but it’s clear most people’s are not. I believe the majority of the problems our nation faces are merely symptoms of spiritual problems within the church. We haven’t been doing our job.

It’s time for the church to stop being the corpse of Christ and become the living body of Christ.

I see hope; not for the problems in our nation to be solved, but for my spiritual family to wake up and become salt and light, to preserve by counteracting corruption and enlighten by exposing evil. We live in a corrupt and decaying world, but that doesn’t define who we are or how we live. This may be the best thing for Christians who realize God uses every situation for our benefit, the greatest benefit being our becoming like Jesus (Rom 8:28-29).

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