Spiritual Law of Action and Results

Every human being has a measure of spiritual authority as a result of being God’s image and likeness. That authority increases significantly when we’re born again and continues to increase as we mature spiritually and learn to use it appropriately. Because of our authority, we can initiate action in our domain and expect the desired results to happen. Action is inseparable from authority because exercising authority requires some form of action, and authority produces results.

(Notes: Our spiritual authority is the subject of other blog posts and articles. Our “domain” is the realm in which we have authority.)

We’re familiar with various forms of the law of Action and Results in the physical realm: every effect has a cause; for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction; force produces movement; intervention produces change.

This law functions the same way in the spiritual realm, though we may not always see it. When we act in faith, speak with authority, or perform other actions that impact the spiritual realm, we produce spiritual results. The results typically are tied to our faith, but the effect is the same. Our heavenly Father responds to our requests. (Mt 18:19; Jn 15:7) We can command physical objects to move and the spiritual force produces the movement. (Mt 17:20; 21:21-22; Lk 17:6) We can drive out demons. (Mk 16:17) We can impart peace to a household. (Lk 10:5-6) By standing firm in our faith to the end, we’ll be saved. (Mt 10:22; 24:13)

Because God’s intent is for us to serve others rather than be self-centered, we can expect the greatest results when we use our spiritual authority to act in behalf of others. We don’t often see such results, but knowing this spiritual law exists gives us confidence to act and trust God for the results.

The law of Action and Results is so normal in the physical realm, we conclude something is wrong if our efforts don’t produce results. The same law is just as normal in the spiritual realm and what we do produces results, even when we don’t expect them.

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