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God Honored Man

“God honored man by making him an image of Himself, and endowed him with qualities and attributes similar to His own…. He gave him a domain to rule over — all physical creation — parallel to His own domain. To say that God crowned or surrounded man with glory and honor may be an understatement.” Read More…

Grieving Over Sin

“Learning to grieve over evidences of sin in yourself and the world around you is one of the results of seeing sin from God’s perspective.” — A quote from the book, “Transforming Your Mind.”

Power of Our Speech

“Our speech has the power to make things happen. Our words can impart life or kill, create or destroy. Not only must we learn to use our speech effectively, but also be aware of its potential for harm. — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”

Not an Add-On

“Christianity isn’t a supplement to normal life; you can’t add it to everything else you do, like a hobby…. Christianity permeates everything you do and influences every attitude and action.” — A quote from the book, “Transforming Your Mind.”

Reject Sin without Compromise

“You cannot compromise with your sinful desires, and they will not demand less if you appease them occasionally. The only effective way to deal with your sinful desires, attitudes, and behavior is to totally reject them and embrace those situations that crucify them.” — A quote from the book, “Making the Transition.”

New Work Habits

“As we learn to work cooperatively with God, we’ll radically alter our work habits because we’ll learn to rely on Him for the desired results.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”

Human Government Is Imperfect

“Every human government will violate God’s law on some point, because all humans are imperfect, including those in leadership or government positions. God alone is perfect. So it is foolish for Christians to pledge obedience to their human authorities as long as they do not violate God’s Word.” — A quote from the book, “A Read More…

Our Responsibility and God’s

“As we focus on defeating our sinful attitudes and behavior (which is our responsibility, with His help), God is free to govern everything else that affects us (which is His responsibility).” — A quote from the book, “A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense and Civil Disobedience.”

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