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Personal Responsibility

“While Scripture shows that we should pattern our lives after those who are more mature in the faith, it’s also clear we’re ultimately responsible for our own growth, maturity, attitudes and behavior.” — A quote from the book, “A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense and Civil Disobedience.”

Distinctions and Blessings

Just as God made a distinction between his people and the Egyptians before the exodus, he’ll make a bold, indisputable distinction between his people and the world before the end of this age. Although we’ll still be affected by world events, we can expect God to protect, bless and provide for us until he chooses Read More…

Why Are We Still Here?

Why would God leave Christians on earth during the last days? For the same good reasons he has always left his people here. We Christians are God’s representatives on earth. We conduct his kingdom business, spread the gospel to unbelievers, express his love and grace to hurting people, exercise spiritual authority against evil, and serve Read More…