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Distinctions and Blessings

Just as God made a distinction between his people and the Egyptians before the exodus, he’ll make a bold, indisputable distinction between his people and the world before the end of this age. Although we’ll still be affected by world events, we can expect God to protect, bless and provide for us until he chooses Read More…

Personal Responsibility

“While Scripture shows that we should pattern our lives after those who are more mature in the faith, it’s also clear we’re ultimately responsible for our own growth, maturity, attitudes and behavior.” — A quote from the book, “A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense and Civil Disobedience.”

Proficient, Not Independent

“It’s never God’s intent to make us independent of Him; in fact, the more we mature, the more we will depend on Him. Yet it is His goal to make us increasingly proficient at what He created us to do, to improve our skills and expand our abilities.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Read More…

Emulating Jesus

“To follow Jesus is to emulate Him, to behave as He would in your situation within the limits of your abilities.” — A quote from the book, “Making the Transition.”