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This Life

This life is not about this life. It’s about preparing for our eternal destiny, which is to look and be like God, delight in who he is, share in all he has and participate in all he does. We’re apprentices being prepared for our ultimate duties. Understanding our eternal destiny is vital to living a Read More…

A Specific Purpose

“God placed you in this nation at this time for a reason. He has a specific purpose for you to fulfill right here, right now. You can’t do it by yourself, but he’s waiting for you to do what you can and trust him to produce the results.” — A quote from the article, “Responding Read More…

Why Are We Still Here?

Why would God leave Christians on earth during the last days? For the same good reasons he has always left his people here. We Christians are God’s representatives on earth. We conduct his kingdom business, spread the gospel to unbelievers, express his love and grace to hurting people, exercise spiritual authority against evil, and serve Read More…

Unfolding Mission

We should expect our life purpose to continue unfolding, because as we take each step, we gain perspective to see the next one and the strength and experience to perform it. What we see now is incomplete.

An Objective Standard

“God has a purpose and His will is that everything support that purpose. He reveals His general will and purpose through the Bible, which we should consider an objective standard for all decisions and actions.” — A quote from the book, “Transforming Your Mind.”