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Relationship Supersedes Everything

“It’s time for a radical realignment; not in the political system, but in us [Christians]. We are citizens of God’s kingdom who happen to be Americans. Our relationship with God supersedes everything else in life and must govern everything we think and do.” — A quote from the article, “Biblical Values in the Political Realm.”

More Than Ordinary People

“As Christians, we can be more than ordinary people having occasional experiences with God. We don’t need to consider Him our last resort and turn to Him only after everything else has failed.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”

Doing Everything Ourselves

“We generally exclude God from our daily lives because we’re accustomed to doing everything ourselves — running our own lives, setting priorities and making decisions. The Bible would describe that as a worldly perspective, not the active, healthy relationship God wants.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”

Interaction with God

“Once we learn to interact with God — to know what He’s saying to us personally at that moment and respond to Him — we will cherish that interaction and be satisfied with nothing less.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”