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Reject Sin without Compromise

“You cannot compromise with your sinful desires, and they will not demand less if you appease them occasionally. The only effective way to deal with your sinful desires, attitudes, and behavior is to totally reject them and embrace those situations that crucify them.” — A quote from the book, “Making the Transition.”

New Work Habits

“As we learn to work cooperatively with God, we’ll radically alter our work habits because we’ll learn to rely on Him for the desired results.” — A quote from the book, “Royal Partners.”

America’s Biggest Problem

The single biggest problem we have as a nation today isn’t politics, the economy, abortion, violence in entertainment or any other social issue. America is in trouble primarily because most Christians don’t know or care what the Bible says. We desperately need another Great Awakening, but that is unlikely to happen until we accept the Read More…

Regeneration Is Essential

“We must recognize that lasting change takes place only by bringing resurrected life to fallen creatures. Trying to impose God’s righteousness upon sinful society apart from regeneration is a task doomed to failure.” — A quote from the book, “A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense and Civil Disobedience.”