Articles by Larry Fox help Christians form a biblical perspective of many spiritual, personal, social, end times and other topics. Scripture quotations are taken from the New International Version, unless specified otherwise.


Christian Living

Godly Character

Spiritual Authority

Spiritual Laws

The Legal Nature of Our Spiritual Conflict

Our Covenant Relationship with God

Christian Activism in America

Social Issues

Transforming Your Mind

Biblical End Times

End Times Relevance of Israel


Christian Living

This Life

Understanding our eternal destiny is vital to living a God-pleasing life. Read more

Working with God

Many people think “working with God” is only relevant to spiritual activities like ministry and witnessing. This Bible study recommends having God as a working partner in whatever it is you’re doing. Read more

Scriptural Confession

Several recitations designed to conform one’s thinking to scriptural principles. Read more

Prayer Recommendations

These are prayers you can adapt when praying for America, your local economy, local Christians and your geographical region. Read more

Daily Thanksgiving

This is a statement based on Psalms 23 and 103, which you may use daily to help you enter God’s presence with thanksgiving. Read more

Daily Worship

This statement will help you focus on God in true worship. Read more

The Kingdoms and the Covenants

A chart representing the primary kingdoms on earth (Adam, Satan, Jesus, God) and the primary covenants found in scripture. (PDF format) View chart

Christians, Are You Ready for This?

Are you prepared to be openly criticized, ridiculed, harassed and even confronted face-to-face in public for your Christian beliefs? If not, I’d suggest…. Read more

Unforgiveness: Is It Really a Problem?

To ask God to forgive our sin while we refuse to forgive others is both hypocritical and inconsistent with godly character. Read more

Spiritual Covenant, Physical Health

God has made everything we need available through our covenant relationship, so we can use what he gives us and rely on him to produce the desires results. Read more

Teaching Young People About Money

Young people can learn healthy financial habits with this plan based on biblical principles that will help them for the rest of their lives. Read more

Love the Lord Your God

The most important thing we do is love God with our entire being. Read more

Taking God’s Name in Vain

Taking God’s name in vain isn’t about using it as a profanity or swear word. Read more

What Deeply Disturbs Me

What deeply disturbs me regarding Christians (including myself) and the ineffectiveness of the American church. Read more

Godly Character

Humility Before Love

The two most important godly character traits for us to develop are humility and agape (love), in that order. Read more

The Foundation of Godly Character

One trait is the most fundamental quality of godly character, even more fundamental than love. Read more

It All Began in the Garden of Eden

The most fundamental trait of sinful human nature first appeared in the Garden of Eden. Read more

Your Character, Perverted by Sin

Sin perverted or corrupted God’s creation, including human nature. Read more

Your Character, Redeemed by God

God redeems our character from its sinful condition so it functions as he intends, but only as we do our part. Read more

The Great Benefits of Testing

Our temporary trials in life can produce unimaginable eternal benefits for us if we entrust ourselves to God’s care. Read more

God Forgives Us Conditionally

We’re to forgive others so our Father in heaven may forgive us. Read more

Spiritual Authority

Authority — The Legality of Earthly Dominion

This outline shows how Jesus restored the dominion Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden to his followers, so we have spiritual authority over our earthly domains. This applies to all believers, not just spiritual leaders. Read more

Our Spiritual Authority

Jesus gave his disciples — and us — authority over the enemy’s power, even before he defeated Satan at Calvary. Read more

Our Domain

Our spiritual authority is effective in our domain, the realm or realms over which we have influence. Read more

How Our Spiritual Authority Affects our Domain

God gave us spiritual authority, so we directly affect our domains and what happens in them. Read more

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer includes an official invitation we extend to God. Read more

Spiritual Laws

Introduction to Spiritual Laws

Spiritual laws govern the spiritual realm and our temporal, earthly existence. Read more

Spiritual Law of Action and Results

All activity in the spiritual realm produces results in both the spiritual and physical realms. Read more

Spiritual Law of Blessing Israel and the Jews

God’s promise to bless those who bless the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and curse those who curse them is still in effect. Read more

Spiritual Law of Contact

God’s power doesn’t require physical contact to flow to a person, but as an expression of compassion or faith, it’s often part of the process. Read more

Spiritual Law of Exchange

The Law of Exchange is vital to our relationship with God and other believers. Read more

Spiritual Law of Faith and Action

Unless we act on what we believe, our faith is dead and has no value. Read more

Spiritual Law of Increase

Whenever God gives us something, he holds us accountable for what we do with it. Read more

Spiritual Law of Reciprocity

We receive what we need to the same degree we give or do something for someone else. Read more

Spiritual Law of Regeneration

When we sacrifice something very important to us for the sake of God’s kingdom, we can anticipate multiplied blessings. Read more

Spiritual Law of Separation

Separation from the world and the profane is holiness, being set apart for God and service to him. Read more

Spiritual Law of Sin and Death

Everyone who violates God’s standard of righteousness will receive the judgment prepared for Satan and those who follow him. Read more

Spiritual Law of Synergy

God combines everything we experience to produce compounded benefits for us. Read more

The Legal Nature of Our Spiritual Conflict

The nature of spiritual conflict changed at the cross from war-like battles to legal conflicts. For us to function as spiritually mature believers, we absolutely must understand how God’s legal-judicial system governs both the spiritual and physical realms. Then we can use our spiritual authority to enforce God’s will and Jesus’ victory in the spiritual realm and experience results in the physical.

A Legal Conflict, Not a Battlefield

The Judge

The Prosecutor

The Defense Counsel

Entering the Court

Statutes and Evidence

Silencing the Accuser

Presenting Our Case

Enforcing the Verdict

Our Covenant Relationship with God

Our relationship with God is based on covenant, and we’ll understand that relationship much better when we understand what covenants are and how they work. The following articles examine important aspects of that relationship.

Introduction to Covenants

The New Covenant

Entering God’s New Covenant

Covenant Terms

Covenant Identity

Covenant Blessings

Covenant Curses

Covenant Service and Protection

Covenant Authority

The Old Testament, but Not the Old Covenant

The Old Covenant and Law of Moses

Purposes and Results of the Law

Ineffectiveness of the Law

Old Covenant Versus the New

The Valuable Old Testament

Christian Activism in America

It’s Time for Christian Activism in America

It’s time for American Christians to become spiritually active and a positive influence, because many of our nation’s problems are symptoms of our spiritual ineffectiveness. This is not the time to be passive, pessimistic or confrontational. Rather, it’s time to be salt and light in our world. Read more

Biblical Values in the Political Realm

Biblical values supersede politics and should guide our political choices, actions and votes. Read more

It’s Us, Not Them

It’s easy for us American Christians to blame others for the many problems that threaten our nation, but most of those problems are merely symptoms. We must identify and address the fundamental problem. Read more

Responding to a Changing Culture

American society continues to change and a large part of the population no longer supports Judeo-Christian values. Our society is divided and conflict between opposing views is increasing, yet Christians should anticipate the good that will result. Read more

Wake Up and Get Ready

A new Great Awakening already is beginning and spiritual activity is escalating, as is the conflict between the godly and ungodly kingdoms. Read more

Cultural Relevance, Lost and Regained

As American Christians, we have become virtually irrelevant to our culture and people’s lives by substituting human-centered government for God. We can once again assume our responsibility, but our focus must become primarily spiritual, not just political or social. Read more

A Time of Hope and Grace

Despite the problems developing in the world, followers of Jesus can experience great hope and grace, which enables us to serve those who need our help and have no hope. Our best days are just ahead. Read more

Experience the Great Awakening

To experience the great spiritual awakening, we must accept responsibility for our own spiritual development, defer to the Holy Spirit, make the awakening a personal priority and PUSH. Read more

Social Issues

A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense

Is it appropriate for you as a Christian to defend yourself? How should godly character and your life purpose affect your response to personal danger? Should you defend family members? Or strangers? What kinds of defensive measures are appropriate? The conclusions may surprise you. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

A Biblical Perspective of Civil Disobedience

God ordained human government and the New Testament says to submit to human authorities, yet the authorities considered Jesus and his disciples criminals. What does it really mean for you to submit? Must you obey a corrupt government official or ungodly laws? This Bible study develops some clear guidelines for civil disobedience that honors God. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Transforming Your Mind

Changing Your Attitude

As a Christian, you are responsible for renewing your mind: repenting, changing how you think and what you think about, your attitudes, perspective, priorities and standards. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Repentance is for Believers

The New Testament statements about repentance are mostly directed to believers. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Believing by Choice

You decide what you will believe, so accepting God’s truths is a matter of choice. We should not treat disbelief lightly. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Forgiving When it Hurts

Forgiveness is about how you respond to your own sinful attitudes and desires, because that is what gets hurt and responds with anger and other emotions. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Thankful for What?

When you understand that God works all events together so they have a compounded benefit for you, you can be thankful in and for everything. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

An Alien in a Human Body

As Christians, we are natural citizens of heaven, ambassadors representing God on earth, foreigners with a different culture and standards than the world. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

An Integrated Guidance System

God uses scripture, the Holy Spirit, circumstances, your personality, other believers to guide you. These enable you to do your part in fulfilling his purpose. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Personal Success

Real success is effectively using your abilities to do God’s work, serving him by meeting the needs of other people. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Being Perfect While Becoming Perfect

Perfection is a spiritual and mental state constantly focused on God, totally committed to his glory and service. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

A Matter of Integrity

Integrity motivates you to focus all your efforts and resources on a standard or goal. Holiness is integrity in matters of God’s purpose. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

How Do You Feel About That?

Your feelings and emotions coincide with what you think and believe. As you practice godly repentance, your emotions, feelings and desires will change. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Proper Judgment

Evaluating, judging and forming opinions are important to Christian living. Your judgment will be different from other believers’ because your personality is different. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Kingdom Values

The beatitudes present God’s value system. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Legal Matters

God has legally transferred you to his kingdom, authorizing you to use his resources to conduct his business in his behalf. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Logistics (God in You)

God’s Holy Spirit lives within you, sustains you, helps develop you into God’s image and empowers you to do God’s work. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Personal Initiative

God works through cooperative people. He expects you to use what he has given you and exercise initiative to do his work. (book excerpt) Read more, View book info

Biblical End Times

Alignment of Major Bible End Times Prophecies

A comparison of major Bible prophecy passages regarding the end times.
Detailed chart with Old and New Testament scriptures, including prophecies relevant to Israel (PDF); key timing clues are identified in red (timing)
Summary chart with only New Testament scriptures, displayed in parallel columns for comparison (PDF, landscape format)


  • Beginning of Birth Pains: worldwide turmoil
  • Great Tribulation: Satan/world’s wrath against Israel, abomination of desolation, Jerusalem trampled 42 months, 2 witnesses
  • Cosmic Disturbance
  • Day of the Lord: Lord removes the church, 144,000 Jews marked, great multitude in heaven, God’s wrath, Lord returns to set up kingdom, battle of Armageddon, Babylon destroyed, Satan into the Abyss, Jesus’ 1000-year reign, new covenant blessings for Israel, unbelievers to eternal punishment
  • Eternity: new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem, God dwells with his people

Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath Rapture

Many people believe Jesus’ return for the church will happen before the great tribulation occurs and is imminent; that is the pre-tribulation rapture perspective. This article examines scriptural evidence that it will happen before God’s wrath, but after the great tribulation. Read more

Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening and Spiritual Conflict

A spiritual awakening has begun, an unprecedented move of God in which people will experience God’s nature, power and authority as never before. Read more

Authoritative Prayer Strategy for Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening

A new spiritual awakening has begun in isolated spots around the world and we can help it spread to every nation and community with prayer. Read more

America in Bible Prophecy

When we examine Bible end times prophecies, we might conclude America doesn’t have a significant role in the last days. Read more

What’s Going On in America?

There is a period of great uncertainty ahead for America and the world, so it is important for us to understand what is happening and why. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for Christians to fulfill their life purposes and experience the power of God in ways they couldn’t imagine. Read more

Dream: The Approaching Storm

God will allow – not cause – devastating events to occur to encourage people to turn to him. Read more

A Strategy for the Times

We live in an inherently dangerous world and end-time events are beginning to occur, so it’s essential that we honor God and his ways in everything we do. If you are uncertain what to do, we recommend the following strategy: Transform, Engage, Prepare and Anticipate. Read more

Emergency Preparations

A summary of recommendations from God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression, by David Wilkerson (1998). Read more

The Day of the Lord

Understanding the day of the Lord is a key to understanding the biblical end times. Read more

The Beginning of Birth Pains

The “beginning of birth pains” referred to in the Bible will include deception, violence, wars, food shortages, natural disasters and Middle East war. Read more

World Government

What is the world kingdom of the last days as described in Bible prophecy? A world government, a revived Roman Empire, the European Union? Read more

The Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation described in Bible end time prophecy will include the abomination of desolation, Russian and Muslim invasion of Israel, the destruction of Jerusalem. Read more

Cosmic Disturbance

Bible prophecy describes devastation by objects from space. Historic biblical accounts describe sun darkening, meteorite storms, oceans roaring, tidal waves and cosmic fire. Read more

Distinctions and Blessings

God will make a distinction between his people and the world before the end of this age. Read more

Get Ready for What’s Ahead

This is a wake-up call for the church. Read more

Why Are We Still Here?

Two specific reasons Christians are still on earth during the last days. Read more

End Times Relevance of Israel

The People

God has plans for both the Jews and the Church. He will protect a remnant of the Jewish people through the end times and into eternity. Read more

The Land

The land God claimed as his own and promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also was known as the Promised Land by the Israelites when they left Egypt. Read more

The Capital

Jerusalem is a key to end-time events. Read more

The Feasts

The details and timing of the Jewish feasts are very significant. Read more

The Future Wars

There is scriptural evidence for three major Middle East wars involving Israel (future wars as of 2015): the Psalm 83 war, the Magog invasion and the battle of Armageddon. Read more

A Prayer of Blessing for Israel

This is a prayer of blessing based on Isaiah 61 and 62. Read more


Sons and Daughters of God

Believers in Jesus are new creations, sons and daughters of God. Read more

The Bride of Christ?

It is widely believed that Christians are the bride of Christ, but that may be a weak analogy at best. Read more

A Sinner Saved by Grace?

Many Christians claim we’re sinners saved by grace, but is that true? Read more

Regardless of What You’re Doing

Why we should learn to rely on God, even in our areas of expertise. Read more

Human Dignity

All humans inherit the image and likeness of God, which motivates us to treat everyone with respect. Read more

Multiplying Our Insight

The Parable of the Sower in Matthew Chapter 13 contains important insight that many of us may overlook due to the translation of a key word. Read more