Audio – Short Topics

These are short topical Bible studies by Larry Fox.

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What’s Going On in America? How Should We Respond? (time: 0:50)
A survey of financial credit cycles, biblical Jubilee, threats to America and a recommended personal strategy (spiritual and financial). Presented November 2012, even more relevant today.




Bible Reading and Memorization (time: 0:41)
Practical guidelines for reading and interpreting scripture, and the benefits of memorizing scripture.




Lessons from God’s Delays (time: 0:39)
This is Larry’s testimony and teaching about the nature of delays, tests and their purposes. This presentation was a candid description of his experience at the time. (Presented to a church men’s group, March 2014)



Covenants Survey
This is a brief overview of “Our Covenant Relationships

Covenants Survey, Part 1 (time: 0:50)




Covenants Survey, Part 2 (time: 1:00)



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