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Audio – Short Topics

These are short topical Bible studies by Larry Fox.

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What’s Going On in America? How Should We Respond? (time: 49:50)
A survey of financial credit cycles, biblical Jubilee, threats to America and a recommended personal strategy (spiritual and financial). Presented November 2012, even more relevant today.

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Bible Reading and Memorization (time: 41:08)
Practical guidelines for reading and interpreting scripture, and the benefits of memorizing scripture.

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Covenants Survey
This is a brief overview of “Our Covenant Relationships

Covenants Survey, Part 1 (time: 50:05)

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Covenants Survey, Part 2 (time: 1:00:11)

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Lessons from God’s Delays (time: 39:15)
This is Larry’s testimony and teaching about the nature of delays, tests and their purposes. This presentation was a candid description of his experience at the time. (Presented to a church men’s group, March 2014)

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Redeeming Your Character (time: 1:05:32)
Based on his book, “Making the Transition,” Larry describes how sin perverts the character God gave us and how we can work with him to redeem it. (Presented at a breakout session of the “Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference, February 2011)

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One comment on “Audio – Short Topics

Karin on January 30, 2019 1:21 pm

Thank you, Larry, for your recent email (The Great Benefits of Testing) as well as the related audio on Lessons from God’s Delays, along with your wonderful transparency. Without it, I probably would not have understood some baffling things that have been going on for years! And although I can see the refinement the Lord is making through the various tests, wilderness experiences, and dark nights of my soul, I also see the need for His continued refinement.

The Lord used you to help me understand what all those numbers mean! I, too, have consistently seen the clock when it reads 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, etc. Yesterday as I was driving in my car, I glanced down and saw 1:11 once again — it then immediately changed to 1:12. As you would say, just a second later and I wouldn’t have seen it. It brings great comfort to have an explanation for this after almost 15 years and especially that it is from the Lord saying “I know what you are going through.”

I have also had the privilege of experiencing God make a way when there seemed to be no way and move mountains that I didn’t think were going to be moved. The verse I was given when the Lord saved me is Matthew 19:26. I will keep on believing that with Him nothing is impossible. And I am rejoicing with you that you are beginning to see the results the Father has promised you!

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