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Grieving Over Sin

“Learning to grieve over evidences of sin in yourself and the world around you is one of the results of seeing sin from God’s perspective.”
— A quote from “Transforming Your Mind,” a book by Larry Fox

Passionate, Not Passive

“There is nothing passive about God’s kingdom and passivity isn’t a valued trait. Scripture refers to the ‘zeal of the Lord’ because he’s intensely passionate about righteousness and restoring his people.”
— A quote from “Wake Up and Get Ready,” an article by Larry Fox

An Alien to This World

“I’m a child of God, a citizen of his kingdom, and an alien to this world system. Because I’m dead to this corrupt and decaying world, its basic principles no longer control me and I’ll keep myself from being polluted by it.”
— A quote from “Scriptural Confession,” an article by Larry Fox

The Best for Us

God always does what’s best for us — what develops and prepares us, makes us stronger and motivates us to purify ourselves. Maturity pursues the goal; immaturity gives up.

Power of Our Speech

“Our speech has the power to make things happen. Our words can impart life or kill, create or destroy. Not only must we learn to use our speech effectively, but also be aware of its potential for harm.
— A quote from “Royal Partners,” a book by Larry Fox

Not an Add-On

“Christianity isn’t a supplement to normal life; you can’t add it to everything else you do, like a hobby…. Christianity permeates everything you do and influences every attitude and action.”
— A quote from “Transforming Your Mind,” a book by Larry Fox

A Lifelong Experience

“Learning to work cooperatively with God will be a lifelong experience, but you will become increasingly effective as you learn.”
— A quote from “Royal Partners,” a book by Larry Fox

Reject Sin without Compromise

“You cannot compromise with your sinful desires, and they will not demand less if you appease them occasionally. The only effective way to deal with your sinful desires, attitudes, and behavior is to totally reject them and embrace those situations that crucify them.”
— A quote from “Making the Transition,” a book by Larry Fox

A Positive Influence

“As each of us turns to the Lord and becomes increasingly like him, the Christian community again will be a positive influence in our nation, and many of our national problems will be resolved. I also believe we’ll see God’s power on earth like never before.”
— A quote from “It’s Time for Christian Activism in America,” an article by Larry Fox

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