Anonymous Feedback

Please provide feedback on this Fall’s teaching series, “Human Structure.” For your convenience, I’ve listed the topics covered in each session below. Please notice this does not include the session, “What’s Going On in America and How Should We Respond?”

Thank you.


Session Numbers & Topics
1. Existence of the human spirit (source of life, can mature/develop, interacts with God)
2. Triune nature (human spirit, psyche/soul, physical body)
3. Spiritual origin of character (basic character, aptitudes, traits, effects of salvation)
4. Conscious & subconscious functions (thought, knowledge, memory, intuition, revelation; spiritual disciplines)
5. Human will & decisiveness (will, decisiveness, conflict between them; spiritual disciplines)
6. Spiritual functions (worship, relationship, communion, courage, vitality; spiritual disciplines)
7. The flesh (definition of the flesh, temptation; spiritual disciplines)
8. Spiritual & physical senses (senses; spiritual disciplines)
9. Conclusions