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Random Thoughts

We have a mandate from the King of kings and no one can stop us until we’ve completed everything he prepared for us to do. That mandate authorizes us to use the kingdom resources we need.

A covenant is a loving, enduring relationship in which each partner focuses on the other’s well-being, needs, interests and desires. Self-centeredness violates a covenant relationship. Marriage is a covenant, as is our relationship with God.

It’s time for American Christians to reject the “great American dream” and embrace God’s kingdom reality, to willingly exchange materialism and self-indulgence for spiritual maturity and glory.

The champions of the faith were ordinary people, but how they responded to their trials is what makes them our heroes. Remember this when you face your own trials, because how you respond will impact other people.

We need to say “yes” so completely to our purpose that everything else is “no” by comparison. We can’t let anything distract us. We must embrace what God gives us and emphatically reject everything else.

Firm conviction, frequent repetition and general consensus do not constitute truth. For example, the earth is neither flat nor the center of the universe, although for centuries people believed it was, assured each other it was, and even persecuted those who disagreed. Today, the topics have changed, but the problem continues.

We can do anything God empowers us to do. We have a cooperative, interdependent relationship with him and he will produce valuable results through us. We can choose to see everything from his perspective, trust his sovereignty and glory in his power and our weakness. We can look forward to the successes we’ll enjoy with him.

Father, I invite you into my domain, which includes me, my family, work and property. May your kingdom come and your will be done in my family and everything we do as it is in heaven.

Lord Jesus, thank you for using today’s problems to make me more like you and more effective in your kingdom.

Christianity is not about life after death, but life after rebirth.

We are primarily spiritual beings, so the spiritual realm is our native realm.

God doesn’t assign busywork. He has a purpose for everything he gives us. He’s never frivolous or arbitrary.

I’m very aware of the evil growing in our nation but I will not be afraid of evil or shaken by it. My faith and confidence are focused on God, not myself or the government.

Our primary goal must be personal transformation rather than achievement, because our spiritual condition affects what God can do through us. His results are extraordinary; ours are only human.

God works everything together for our good, compounding the benefits and achieving an eternal glory for us according to his will, which is for us to become like Jesus. Therefore, we can choose to be thankful in all circumstances and allow God to use them to purify us of everything that’s not like him.

God always does what’s best for us — what develops and prepares us, makes us stronger and motivates us to purify ourselves. Maturity pursues the goal; immaturity gives up.

God put us in this time and place for a reason. He’s given us specific roles in life which will meet people’s needs and be more fulfilling than we could imagine.

God’s kingdom and righteousness must be our top priorities, because it’s not possible to do what he’s called us to do with divided affection or commitment.

We should expect our life purpose to continue unfolding, because as we take each step, we gain perspective to see the next one and the strength and experience to perform it. What we see now is incomplete.

What I do today can bless and influence people from now through eternity.

What I focus my attention on has greater influence over me — whether good or bad — because what I think about repeatedly develops a thought pattern that affects my perspective of life, which then governs how I behave and what I do. So what I dwell on is very important, because it ultimately determines what I do.

People with non-biblical values will prevail in American politics as long as we Christians think like the world or remain passive. We can make a difference by supporting candidates for office most likely to support biblical values. If we don’t vote, we can’t complain about who’s in office.

God honored us by having us live in this period, so we will see, experience and participate in the most powerful spiritual events in human history. Our greatest days are still ahead.

God is limited by the way I think.

I need to turn to Father in absolutely everything I do.

Faith plus perseverance activates what grace provides.

God chooses to tell us his will then wait for us to declare it in our domains before he acts.

God immediately answers prayers of new believers to build their faith and he delays answers to prayers of mature believers for the same reason.

Faith makes things possible; perseverance makes them happen.

Are we willing to wait until we receive an answer, or must God act within the time we allow?

Death to my sinful attitudes and ways!

Bible Teaching

If all I’m doing as a teacher is passing along information, I consider myself a failure. Jesus is my example and his teaching radically changed people’s lives and relationships with God.

I study to learn. I teach to change lives.

I want others to learn more easily what I paid a great price to learn, yet the depth of one’s learning experience affects the value or impact of the lesson. So as a teacher, I need to actively engage students as much as possible in the learning process then offer them the benefits of my own.

The person who learns the most in the classroom is the teacher, due to all the effort required researching and developing the lesson material. Therefore, to increase the students’ learning potential, I engage them in the process.

Quotes from Articles

“As each of us turns to the Lord and becomes increasingly like him, the Christian community again will be a positive influence in our nation, and many of our national problems will be resolved. I also believe we’ll see God’s power on earth like never before.”
— A quote from the article, “It’s Time for Christian Activism in America.”

“God placed you in this nation at this time for a reason. He has a specific purpose for you to fulfill right here, right now. You can’t do it by yourself, but he’s waiting for you to do what you can and trust him to produce the results.”
— A quote from the article, “Responding to a Changing Culture.”

“I’m a child of God, a citizen of his kingdom, and an alien to this world system. Because I’m dead to this corrupt and decaying world, its basic principles no longer control me and I’ll keep myself from being polluted by it.”
— A quote from the article, “Scriptural Confession.”

“Another Great Awakening is beginning now in ordinary people scattered across our nation and around the world, and it will grow into a major spiritual movement. Expect it to be greater in size and impact than previous awakenings and even the great movements of the twentieth century, because this will be the last ‘big push’ before the Lord returns.”
— A quote from the article, “Wake Up and Get Ready.”

“Please join me in prayer, not just for our nation, but primarily for the American church. There is hope for our nation — there always is when God’s involved — but the change must begin with us.”
— A quote from the article, “It’s Us, Not Them.”

“God blesses me by giving me peace to guard my heart and mind. He lavishes his grace, wisdom and understanding on me. He gives me every good and perfect gift, and sends his angels to serve me.”
— A quote from the article, “Scriptural Confession.”

“There is nothing passive about God’s kingdom and passivity isn’t a valued trait. Scripture refers to the ‘zeal of the Lord’ because he’s intensely passionate about righteousness and restoring his people.”
— A quote from the article, “Wake Up and Get Ready.”

“It’s time for a radical realignment; not in the political system, but in us [Christians]. We are citizens of God’s kingdom who happen to be Americans. Our relationship with God supersedes everything else in life and must govern everything we think and do.”
— A quote from the article, “Biblical Values in the Political Realm.”

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