Covenant Life

Summary: Our relationship with God is based on covenant and we’ll understand that relationship much better when we understand what covenants are and how they work. The following are chapters from an in-depth biblical study that examines important aspects of that relationship.

This is a work in progress and links to new chapters will be added as they’re completed.

Find short articles by Larry Fox about God’s covenant relationship with Christians


1. Introduction to the New Covenant
2. Entering the New Covenant
3. Covenant Terms (pending)
4. Personal Identity in the Covenant (pending)
5. Service and Protection (pending)
6. Care and Provision (pending)
7. Authority (pending)
8. Evidence of the Covenant (pending)
9. Benefits for Honoring Covenant (pending)
10. Penalties for Violating Covenant (pending)
11. Descendants Included (pending)
12. Personal Testing (pending)