The Coming Perfect Storm

The following is a summary of “The Coming Perfect Storm” transcript downloaded from John Paul Jackson’s web site, Streams, plus notes from his interviews on Sid Roth’s TV & radio programs. Edited & reformatted by Larry Fox. “Terrorism” category added to Jackson’s five original “elements.”

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Page Contents:
Do Not Fear
Elements of the Coming Perfect Storm
Four Things the Church Must Do
This is Not God’s Wrath
Six Ways to Weather the Storms

Do Not Fear

Those who genuinely are walking with God, through Jesus the Messiah, will see marvelous sights and encounter mysteries of Heaven as God miraculously provides. That provision will not just be food, but ideas, innovation, inventions and favor. They will meet needs that no one else can meet.

The hope for the future will come from those who know and are strong in God; those who walk with Him. These people will have deep compassion that results in great strength and internal fortitude – character. Their value to the suffering will not be found in their possessions, but in their strength and faith built by God over the years.

Elements of the Coming Perfect Storm

This storm involves multiple elements: geo-physical, terrorism, war, economics, politics and religion. At times these elements will be so intertwined that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish which events are driving a particular manifestation of the storm. Massive problems in these areas will come fast and hard!

Why is the Storm Coming?

This storm is coming because the Church (the Body of Christ) is no longer the backbone of this nation. From our inception, the Christian faith has been the plumb line of decisions made at all levels of life. The Christian founding of this nation is what makes it different from every other nation other than Israel. Other nations may have become Christian in their focus, but none were initially formed with Christianity at its core.

Sin in the Church is causing God to lift his hand of protection and to the degree God’s hand lifts, the enemy has a chance to come in and attack his people.

Elements of the Coming Perfect Storm


  • There will be large storms here and in Africa, that do not move and will last as long as two weeks. In Africa some airports will be closed for as long a month and travel in and out will be impossible.
  • I keep hearing, “The woes of 2012, the woes of 2012, the woes of 2012.” I wish I knew more on these “woes”; there was more, but I just can’t remember.
  • Jet streams will seemingly go wild and cause major weather shifts around the world. The rapid fluctuations in the pattern and direction of jet-streams will baffle weather forecasters.
  • Drought in some areas and water from the faucet will be more expensive than oil.
    • Some cities will evacuate thousands because there is not enough water to meet their needs in reservoirs & aquifers. (As Amos 4:7 says, “I made it rain on one city, I withheld rain from another city.”)
  • Earthquakes will strike coastal areas and even the Midwest will experience a devastating one. In fact, the Midwest may experience one before any coastal city does; along the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, MO. The northwest US & southwest Canada will have very strong earthquakes (one over 7.0). Even Boise, ID will shake.
  • A dormant volcano in the northwest US, larger than Mt Saint Helen, will erupt.
  • There will be thunderstorms with softball size hail, producing 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.
  • In some place, three feet of snow will fall in six hours.
  • F6 Tornadoes with winds 319-379 mph.
    • Strong frame houses will be lifted off foundations and carried long distances only to disintegrate; automobiles will fly through the air in excess of 100 meters and explode when they hit structures, possibly due to gas in their tanks; trees will be debarked; even steel re-enforced concrete structures will be badly damaged.
    • Appliance missiles, such as cars and refrigerators will do serious secondary damage.
  • There will be tornadoes in unusual places, that have never had tornadoes before. There will be winter tornadoes!
  • A Category 5 Hurricane with winds of over 180 mph, over 500 miles wide will cause a storm surge that floods over 100 miles inland.
  • There will be an unexpected blight that will hit a type of hybrid seed and severely weaken the yield resulting in food shortage. One seed planted will not germinate, another will break the soil but produce no harvest. Hybrids are the works of man; God will allow problems with man’s solutions.
  • Drought and devastation from storms
    • This will dramatically cut into various harvests and our national food storage will be depleted.
    • People will start to grow their own food and in some cities there will be blocks where they will pull up the streets to try to grow food. They will use idle backhoes & other construction equipment to remove pavement.
  • There will be a pandemic illness that will take many lives in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars (as described in the Book of Joel)
  • I’m not sure what this means, but the bubble around our solar system is weakening and harmful rays will come in and form new major skins sores or skin diseases that have not been seen before. Another thing that will happen is the Earth’s Magnetic Fields will begin to shift and as they shift large cracks will form in that shield.
    • This will somehow allow solar winds to affect weather patterns.
    • This will also cause major problems with satellites and communications – airplanes will be grounded. TV reception will be hard to get & quality not HD. Military communications affected; not good!!!


(these items originally were included in other categories)

  • China & Islamic nations will do things to generate fear in U.S. school systems, shopping malls, other high traffic areas; bombs and suicide bombers. There will be migration out of big cities because of fear.
    • Nuclear material will be smuggled into the U.S. in underground passageways in an arid area (probably the Mexican border). There are large underground tunnels from Mexico; Islamic nations will pay for nuclear material, chemical & biological agents to be smuggled through tunnels by Mexican nationals and be released in large populated areas. A flaw in our detection equipment will allow nuclear material to be brought in without detection.
    • In a harbor city with underground tunnels, explosive materials from a cargo ship will explode in the tunnels, flooding roadways in those tunnels.
    • A dirty bomb will explode in a port city (possibly more than one), making it uninhabitable for 25 years. China may be responsible. A dirty bomb includes nuclear material not high enough grade to detonate but is highly radioactive and distributed by a conventional explosion.
  • When President Mubarak is no longer the leader of Egypt, a new terrorist leadership will take his place and terrorism will be higher profile than ever before.
  • The Pakistani government will be overthrown and the nation will become hostile to the U.S. Pakistan will become much more terrorist-oriented and a greater harbinger of terrorists than it is today.
  • Terrorists activity will hit America again as a flaw in the border detection system is discovered on both the Canadian and Mexican borders. Economic difficulties will cause cutbacks in Homeland Security.
  • A new wave of terror in the sky as groups of terrorists work together to blow up airplanes. Targeting a specific airplane over a two-week span of time, several men will bring parts of an explosive device onboard the airplane. The parts will look like parts of a shoe, belt, briefcase or normal carry-on items. In addition, their comrades who work for the airlines will slowly plant parts of a device each time that particular plane comes into the terminal. Over time the parts will all be there to detonate the device. On the last run, the men who get on to bring the last few parts will then get off, while the person who will assemble the last of the parts stays on the plane to detonate the device. I know this sounds impossible.
  • A huge wave of Islamic martyrdom coming. It seems hundreds, even thousands would volunteer.


  • Israel will experience new and more devastating attacks with nuclear material being released.
  • Israel will retaliate with missile strikes.
  • Suicide bombings will escalate against and in Israel to the highest level in history.
  • Israel will bomb Iran and anti-Semitism will escalate as fuel costs soar.
  • The Russian Bear has awakened and is coming out of its hibernation.
  • Russia’s thirst for money to revive their plunging stock market will drive them to invade the Ukraine in hopes of spiking oil prices again.
  • Russia will give Iran more military equipment, ship, submarines and missiles, not for their protection but secretly hoping Iran will pick a fight will Israel so the increased oil prices will feed their nearly bankrupt economy. Putin banked his popularity on the growth of the Russian economy.
  • Intentional, provoked unrest among Russian youth will soon lead to a “mother Russia” patriotism that will cause continued international conflict.
  • Missiles will come out of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea toward Israel.
  • The United States will lose it’s military supremacy and bring many troops home from most nations overseas. Troop withdrawals caused by budget cuts.
  • China is planning on us going down and has a strategy for becoming “the” world superpower.
  • In North Korea, demonic influence will cause the leadership to make irrational decisions on their nuclear program. North Korea will export weapons materials to other nations and nuclear bombs will be used.


  • A bubble of hope is coming but it will be short lived. There will be just enough time for godly people to make the necessary adjustments; it will not be a time to take on more debt.
  • Commercial paper and credit card problems are another domino yet to fall as joblessness increases and buildings lay empty resulting in no lease payment to cover the owners’ debt service.
  • There will be deflation – stagflation – inflation – hyperinflation – all these. They are waves on the quickly changing economic sea. What is has worked in the past will work for only a brief time in this era. Gold & silver numismatic coins will be a good investment; gold will be over $2000/ounce. There will be a major “economic fire.”
  • It will be more difficult than ever before to forecast investments; but God will guide those investors He can trust.
  • The U.S. Dollar will be devalued intentionally to make it on par with the Peso and the Canadian Dollar. A new North American currency will be established. The Euro has set the stage for what may be called the Amero. It will be an “ugly currency.” Devaluing the dollar & creating the Amero is an important step to establishing a world currency.
  • I saw malls with ? of the stores closed!
  • Rural land will become very valuable as people leave the city for security.
  • The end of 2009 will seem bad, but 2010 will be worse & 2011 will be really bad. There will be at least 4 stages of economic severity.
  • The worst riots in history are coming. Some may see them as race riots, but they’ll be more economic in nature. Hundreds of people in each mob, invading luxury homes. They will rob a home and then set it on fire.
  • Economic difficulties cause mobs to roam streets with a Robin Hood mentality. Crime will increase due to high unemployment, economic problems and food shortages. Mobs will rob food trucks making deliveries and armed guards will be needed on trucks.


  • Pray for President elect Obama’s protection.
    • There is an Islamic plan to take his life, disguised to appear racially motivated (as if by white supremacists), which will lead to terrible race riots. This is the worst thing that could happen.
    • Islam will do this to destabilize our nation and divert attention from it’s own activities.
  • Islam has a 100-year plan which includes a multiplication project: having large families as means of world domination by sheer numbers. The Islamic community has growth rate 4 times greater than the American public.
    • Muslims will systematically work to gain control of government in large cities through population growth; once in power in major cities, they will work to influence state & federal governments.
    • Detroit may be one of their target cities.
    • Muslims will use threats to intimidate congressional decisions.
    • Muslims will launch a major initiative to have a president in the White House by 2024.
    • The plan includes getting Islamic candidates elected to congress, senate, city mayors, state governors before 2024.
    • Islamic supreme court justices will work to implement some Sharia law into the U.S.
  • There will be many more reports of new financial corruption among politicians, especially among senators. There will be such severe corruption in both Congress and the Senate, people will wonder who they can trust. People will feel such hopelessness they select the least corrupt candidates and the system will break down because righteousness does not reign.
  • Social Security and other retirement accounts will become of little value. Social Security problems are a direct result of 40 million aborted babies not growing up to support the system; financial problems will be result of what we wanted (Note from Larry: i.e., no children).
  • The U.S. will bring most of its troops home to save finances.
  • Because of the severity of economy, the US will end up cutting much of our foreign aid programs. International dictators and Islam will multiply as a result.
  • Growing anarchy will come from the gay and lesbian community and in time there will be reports of mobs maiming, raping and torturing heterosexual men. Militant homosexual mobs or gangs will roam the streets of some cities; simultaneous, planned uprisings will begin almost the same day.
  • Medical advances in organ transplants will make it possible for homosexual men to receive a woman’s womb, become in vitro fertilized and give a Cesarean birth.
  • There will be a huge increase in “Aryan-nation” type of activity. One of their bunkers will explode and the nations will be shocked at the level of armory they have collected.


  • Islam will try to force it’s way into the school system. It will demand rights not given to Christians. There will be prayer rooms and time for Muslim prayer, but not for Christians.
  • Many large churches will file bankruptcy as payments on large buildings cannot be made.
  • Large ministries will disband from financial difficulty.
  • House churches will grow in number as a need for intimacy increases
    • This will be due to economic & fuel problems, & closing of major churches; believers will grow closer to each other, to family & to God
    • As believers become more intimate with God, will be greatly increased signs & wonders from power of agreement (such as food appearing on tables, gas in car fuel tanks)
    • People will have nothing in their home to eat, will join hands & thank God for what they are about to receive; food will appear on table when they finish praying.
  • The glory of God will invade homes & churches again.
    • “Cylinders” of honey-colored light, very thick & shimmering will appear & anyone who enters the cylinder will be healed. Anything they ask for will be granted including family members repenting.
    • The glory of God will rest on a home & entire neighborhood will be changed.
    • People will pray for others everywhere they go, vocal & demonstrative. God’s power will flow through them.
  • Malachi 3: a clear distinction between those who know God & those who don’t.
  • Christians with ideas that meet people’s needs will arise in midst of turmoil with supernatural wisdom.
    • Ps 25:14, secret of the Lord is with those who fear him; secret of the Lord is anything God hasn’t revealed. God will reveal these secrets (including scriptural truths) because he’ll keep his covenant with his people.
  • Christians currently lack intimate relationship with God & operate primarily on human level.
    • When we begin to relate to God on much higher level, others will sense God’s power on us & secular leaders will tremble in our presence.
  • Hidden sexual perversion in church leadership will be exposed and the numbers will be shocking.
    • Adultery, homosexuality, bestiality will be revealed in churches; adultery with church members & staff.
    • Divorce rate among pastors is now same as secular culture.
    • God’s judgment begins with his people.
  • Two church patriarchs will pass away signaling a new and sad era of the church.
  • Is this warning just for the United States? No, it will be worldwide but it includes the United States.

Four Things The Church Must Do

First, the Church must return to knowing God and His ways rather than just knowing about God. We have replaced power with programs, revelation with administration and the Father’s heart with organizational skills.

Second, the Church must learn how to contend for the faith again. We are weak, and we fall away so easily when crisis is not at hand. We have not been tested, and we have lost our resolve. We understand little of the adversary’s plans.

Third, the Church must return to the love of God’s Word and the belief that it is infallible and inerrant. This would include the conviction, understanding and knowledge that God is absolute, and there is only one way to know Him: through Jesus the Messiah.

We need a new revelation that God’s power is unlimited, His knowledge is unending, His presence is with us always and He never changes. We have made God far too small, and our lives prove it.

Fourth, we will need to declare sacred and solemn assemblies of repentance and corporate fasting in many parts of this nation — a time set aside for rending our hearts before God.

This is Not God’s Wrath

I just want to reiterate one more time, because it’s very, very important: I am not talking about the wrath of God. I’m talking about the love of God that is causing correction to be made to a nation, correction to be made to a people. So please understand God wants us to walk in everything he’s called to walk in. He wants to redeem that which the enemy has tried to steal from us. He wants to make the church strong and vibrant again.

Crisis is the Fruit of Following the Wrong God

God allows calamities to happen in order to draw us to Himself. What does that mean? It means that God allows us to reap the fruit of that which we serve. Walking in God’s ways brings blessings and fullness of life, while walking in the ways of the “god of this world” will bring the fruit of the god of this world: decay, destruction, deterioration and death. We make our choice, then the choice makes us.

May the people of the United States seek the Lord with all their heart and find Him.

Six Ways to Weather the Storms

Here are six things to keep in mind as you weather this storm with the grace and, prayerfully, the glory of God resting on you.

  1. Don’t overreact to media hype and spin. They learned a long time ago that sensationalism sells, and they will play it for all it’s worth. In the midst of the media flurry, this will be a time when God reveals His secrets to His servants — so look for one. God is not caught by surprise. In His omniscience, He has been preparing you for this very hour.When there is panic, we tend to make decisions we later regret. Don’t assume the worst, and don’t be afraid. Should you plan? Yes. Is this serious? Yes. But it’s not time to panic.
  2. Simplify and streamline your life. What things do you do that are pure convenience? Could you cut back on any luxuries? Keep your current car? Take in a roommate? How about reducing your latte count at the coffee shop? Selectively start looking to cut back in areas that don’t really reflect your life’s mission or calling, or aren’t making a positive difference in others’ lives. Check your life out and do things that count.
  3. Reconnect with friends and family. God is your Source — not your bank account, not your 401(k), not your gold, not your stock portfolio. Your friendships and other relationships are what feed your emotional health, and they stabilize you; you need them. Research shows that friendships play a dramatic role in getting people through difficult times. So reconnect today.
  4. Rethink your focus. You have a choice: You can live your life by principles or by pressures. Those who “fail” in life usually keep their eyes fixed on their current problems and lose sight of their life principles. As things change, it is vital to remind yourself of the principles you live your life by. Never lose sight of them during challenging times. They will help keep you focused. The difficulties we’re facing now may be God’s wake-up call to remind you of your original vision and purpose and why He made you the way He made you.
  5. Be an influence. Are you an influence in your culture? For many, this will be a time of innovation and invention. For others, it will be a time of study and preparation for the promotion that will come when this season eventually passes — which it will. Don’t chase trends, but study them to see where the culture is going. You should always be looking for original and innovative ways to engage the needs of others. Needs are going to abound, so ask God for a solution to those needs, and you’ll succeed when your secular peers are failing.
  6. Take more time to listen. In the coming months and perhaps years there will be an entirely new set of needs that the people and this nation will have. The Lord wants to give innovative ideas and inventions to those who are close to Him. Set aside time to listen to Him. Prayer is great, but if all we do is make our needs known to God, it will be very difficult to listen. There is a lot we do not know about this coming time frame. God just might have something He would like to say to you.

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Bison on November 26, 2011 12:02 pm

IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of things like that?

KAY KNOP on September 26, 2013 7:51 pm

Thanks for posting this…it is information we need to know

Bill Z on January 11, 2015 3:36 pm

People also need to store food and water for emergencies, all the ones described above.

Larry Fox on January 12, 2015 3:38 pm

Bill, I agree. You’ll find my recommendations in my article, “Strategy for the Times” (

Steve on December 29, 2016 9:41 am

Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of these predictions have not occurred?

Larry Fox on February 27, 2017 4:11 pm

Most prophecies don’t have expiration dates and many are long term. The Bible contains prophecies that are thousands of years old and are still pending. Many of the prophecies I heard decades ago are just now being fulfilled, so we shouldn’t expect immediate results. Also, prophecies of judgment are dependent on our reactions, so if we humble ourselves and change our ways, God may not bring the prophesied judgment on us.

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