The Next Great Awakening and Spiritual Conflict

Summary: An unprecedented spiritual awakening has already begun around the world, and open conflict between the spiritual kingdoms will follow.

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These are revelations I believe God gave me through 2017 about the spiritual awakening and increasing conflict on earth between citizens of his and Satan’s kingdoms. For us Christians, this will be the most challenging, exciting and fulfilling time of our lives, as we engage in the greatest flood of righteousness and glory Father has ever released on his people. – Larry Fox


I will … prepare my people for the most challenging, exciting and fulfilling time of their lives. Those whose attention is focused on me have been crying out for my glory and power, but when they see it, they will be overwhelmed with wonder because it will exceed everything they have imagined. It’s true they have seen food multiplied, diseases healed, limbs restored and shattered lives made whole. But what you are about to experience will be orders of magnitude (thousands of times) greater in magnitude and frequency. You will be ecstatic when you see me openly and gloriously destroy the enemy’s work.

The spiritual war will escalate rapidly and there will be open conflicts in the streets; not with guns or brute physical force, but authority opposed to rebellion, true power opposed to imagery. The enemy has already done everything and used every tool available; he will do nothing new, only be more brazen about it. But I, the Almighty One like none other, am about to do a new thing. You will see miracles that have never been seen before throughout human history. As I said before I left the earth, my followers will do even greater things than I did because I am now before my Father interceding in your behalf.

[Most of my people] are preoccupied with daily life and problems in the economy. These are nothing compared to what I’m about to do through them. But I cannot use them without first preparing them. They need to be aware of what is happening – what’s happening in the spirit realm, not what they see in the news – and radically transform their minds. It will not be business as usual much longer, because their business will radically change. Right now, most of them go to work to earn a living, but soon they will go to work to advance and promote my kingdom. Instead of driving to shopping centers daydreaming about what they want to buy, they will be earnestly looking for opportunities to touch people’s lives and meet their needs. Rather than sitting around visiting, engaged in casual conversation, they will openly share the hope and strength they have in me.

They will share what little material goods they have left to help others and I will multiply what they have. If they are trustworthy with a little, I will entrust them with much, much more. They will be filled with absolute joy as they give away their possessions and food and other necessities. They will understand how I function within the covenant I made with them. When circumstances deteriorate and my blessings increase, the scriptures they’ve known for years but never taken seriously will suddenly come alive. Unfortunately, most people will not be passionate for me during what they consider good times; which in reality are not good, but only times of relative worldly peace and prosperity. They only consider those good times because they’re preoccupied with the world system and are virtually ignorant of my peace and prosperity.

It is my intent – and no one can prevent me from doing it – to cause my people to absolutely flourish in the gifts and abilities I gave them, to fulfill the destiny I ordained for them in every glorious detail, to live continuously in my grace and power. If they only understood what I have already shown them – that is, if they pondered, explored, meditated upon and embraced what I have said to them – they would immediately abandon their lofty human goals and embrace mine. But because they are focused on normal human existence and succeeding by the world’s standards, they are ignorant of my promises, though I continually remind them. I have done all I can do and said everything I can say. It’s up to my people to turn from the wickedness and self-indulgence of the world in which they live and turn to me with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Not because they think I will give them more worldly goods and indulgences to enjoy, but because they realize how meaningless, futile and depraved the world system is and how much I love them.

Those who understand these things and turn to me, not holding anything back, will discover the utter greatness of who I am and what I will do through them. Our mutual enemy is nothing compared to me; the world system is totally depraved and worthless compared to mine.

I yearn for the moment I will bring all of you out of that putrid environment you live in, strip away everything that has bound and deceived you, heal you of everything that has afflicted you, deliver you from every evil being that has harassed you.


I am about to turn the page on my dealing with American Christians. As they turn to me, I respond by turning to them. As they seek my face in the months ahead, I will give them the resources they need – ideas, inventions, finances, materials – to do the work I ordained for that phase. They will be despised and honored; despised by those who hate me and honored by those whom they bless.

This next phase is a separate chapter in my working with the church. It will be unique. During that phase, you will see miracles unprecedented in history for their magnitude and frequency. There will be a mighty release of my Spirit as my people worldwide turn to me in desperation. As human systems fail, they will rediscover the power of my Spirit, which will dwarf the greatest of all human achievements. My power will completely overshadow the severity of the world’s problems for those who are willing to call out to me and receive my blessing. The absolute depravity, hopelessness and turmoil will cause an inconceivable fear in the hearts of those who trust themselves and human solutions. Do not let any of that affect you. I am allowing the events of that phase specifically to encourage people to turn to me. Not as punishment for their sin – punishment which will come when I pour out my wrath in the Day of the Lord – but as an urging, the strongest possible plea for them to turn to me.

Continue following me one step at a time and I will prepare you for that phase. You will experience it but it will not harm you. Your society and culture will radically change, but you will only draw closer to me. I will use the events and changes of that phase to purify you, but you will lose nothing of value and will not be harmed.


The nation’s destiny is now sealed, but individual believers will rise to spiritual greatness by serving people who are desperate, by sharing the kingdom with those who are receptive. There will be a spiritual swell of righteousness, but then the national culture will change as the wicked become even more so. As evil assaults righteousness, so will the spiritual forces of darkness cause the wicked to revolt against the righteous. There will be a spiritual revival followed by a nationwide plunge into depravity, and the ensuing conflict between spiritual kingdoms will purify my people. As they are refined, they will reject the “great American dream” and embrace my kingdom reality, willingly exchanging materialism and self-indulgence for spiritual maturity and glory.

Warn the church now. Tell those who will listen so they can prepare themselves for what is ahead. Urge them to turn to me with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. If they turn to me now and allow me to purify them now, the coming hardships will not have as much impact on them. It will be much more painful for them if they wait until the collapse and have to make the changes under great stress.


The veil between the spiritual and physical realms is about to be torn, so beings from each realm will have greater access to the other. Fallen angels and demons will seemingly invade the earth and wickedness will escalate dramatically. The openness and fierceness of evil will seem astounding. You’ve noticed how brazen the homosexual community has become; that brazenness and celebration of evil will become widespread, even commonplace. The earth-dwellers will rejoice in their perversion. While that’s to be expected of the unredeemed, it will affect many of my family, too.

My children who have ignored my pleading for intimacy and maturity will not be strong enough to resist the flood of evil. There are many who have tried to live in both worlds, claiming the benefits of salvation yet living like the world, who will gladly walk away from me to indulge in gross immorality. Wickedness will increase and the love of most will grow cold. Recall the parables that speak of servants of the household who are thrown outside into outer darkness where there is great sorrow and suffering. I grieve to think of all those who have experienced my goodness who will reject me and chase after the world.

This is why I am now placing such emphasis on spiritual maturity. Without maturity, my people will not be able to withstand the invasion of filth that is coming. They also will not be able to engage in the great flood of righteousness and glory that I’m about to release on my people.

You know how I have worked with each individual believer to purify, refine, heal and strengthen them. When I release the next flood of holiness, you will see a simultaneous change in my people around the world. As the veil between the realms suddenly allows the forces of darkness to invade, it will also allow my ministering servants to swarm into your presence to fulfill my plan for my people. I will release my nature and power and authority in my people as never before in history; more powerfully and more widespread than the day of Pentecost. Why? Because the battle between the kingdoms is reaching a climax that will erupt throughout the world and the heavens, producing the events of the last days. This is the “big push” I told you about, when there will be open warfare between the kingdoms, seen by everyone on earth.

I have been anticipating this since the beginning. Let the enemy show himself openly, let him parade evil and perversion before everyone, let the results of sin be made obvious to everyone. At the same time, I’ll release all those things my people have cried out for throughout the centuries – godly character, righteousness, holiness, glory, authority, power – on a scale never experienced before.

It will become clear to everyone in both realms who stands in each camp. It will no longer be possible to straddle the line or sit on the fence. Everyone must choose whom they will serve.

Don’t be preoccupied with the evil ones and their perversion. Instead, focus on me and what I am doing to transform my children. Be amazed at what I’m doing to uphold righteousness and destroy unrighteousness. Celebrate as you see me pour out my Spirit on those who love and serve me. Be filled with awe as you see me dispense justice and vindicate those whom the enemy has assaulted. Just watch me complete every detail of my plan and every letter of my law. Join me and participate in all I am about to do. There are two reasons I want you to do this: (1) I want you to be part of everything I do; and (2) your participation is a vital part of your transformation. As you work with me, you’re stretched and strengthened; my Spirit flows through you to perform my will, which includes transforming you into my image; you learn my ways through first-hand experience; you learn to apply spiritual laws and principles, also through first-hand experience; and you’re prepared for your eternal role in my kingdom.

As my word states, I work absolutely everything you experience together synergistically for your good. I will even cause the coming flood of perversion to transform you into my image. As you see the total devastation evil produces, you will gladly submit to the purifying work of my Spirit within you. Sin will become repulsive to you; sickening.

As you can see, restoration of your spiritual senses is essential to your success in the days ahead. You’ll need to sense and identify the forces of darkness, the spiritual laws and principles influencing each situation, the beings I dispatch to provide what you need, and the glory I release onto my people. You won’t understand everything you sense, but you will learn, your senses will develop, and your discernment will greatly improve.

Yes, I’ll do all this to enable you to flourish in the days ahead, but this will also help you grow into your eternal destiny. Instead of viewing end-time events just as the consequences of eons of spiritual conflict – which they are – learn to see them as training opportunities, circumstances that promote growth and development. Just as my Son focused on the benefits his death would provide you, you need to focus on the benefits the end-times will produce in you. Don’t let the potential suffering distract or discourage you; rather embrace that cross for the purity it will produce in you. As sin increases, so will my grace, power and everything else you need increase even more. As circumstances worsen, your development will increase synergistically; you will get better as things get worse, more rapidly and to a greater degree. The beginning of birth pains in the end times will produce not only a new kingdom on the earth, but also a new family of beings to rule that kingdom with me. Old things will pass away and all things will become new – a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem, a new kingdom, and a new people to participate in everything I do, to be like me, and to experience me as I really am. A fully redeemed humanity, the pinnacle of all creation, the ones I loved and destined from the beginning. That is what your light and momentary afflictions are transforming you into, an eternal glory that will be astoundingly wonderful. The problems of this life will seem inconsequential and soon fade from memory.

Keep your attention focused on me. Stay aware of what’s happening in your world, so you know where you are in time and what I plan to do through you. Make my kingdom and righteousness your absolute top priorities and you won’t have to be concerned about anything else.


It’s just beginning. You’re seeing the early stages of the flood of wickedness, the judgment and the glory. You’ll see me in operation as you’ve always wanted. You’ll experience the transformational power of my glory as you’ve always wanted. What you’ve called “blatant miracles” will become commonplace and the extraordinary will become typical among my people.


[There are many people] I’m preparing, training and positioning to facilitate the next great spiritual awakening. My people need to wake up and love me with their entire being, because their spiritual slumber is endangering them and everything I chose to do through them.


It’s always my intent to work through every believer, not a select few. It’s my Spirit within you who does the work, provides the direction and produces the results. You recently read about the two Great Awakenings in America and saw how a few ordinary people became well-known for their sermons, music, institutions and such. The next Great Awakening is beginning now in ordinary people scattered across your nation and it will grow into a major spiritual movement, greater in size and impact than even the great movements of the twentieth century.

By changing people’s lives, I’ll change many of the social issues, political and economic problems. At the same time, however, great persecution will arise unlike anything in recent American history. It will be as intense as the conflict related to slavery, but it will affect every people group because it will be a spiritual conflict. It will become evident in every aspect of your society and culture.

Civil discourse will become impossible in areas where powers of darkness have the greatest influence. Even the public media will reflect the hostility toward my people – news reporting, music, the Internet, commercial advertisements and more. You will see open hostility to every form of morality and righteousness. It will be a demonically-inspired revulsion against me and my people. The dark side will be hostile and use every evil tactic to belittle the saints and try to destroy my influence, but my people will turn away from the world’s ways to me and will be victorious.

The evil assaults will take some lives, destroy property, demand legislation and acceptance of the vilest forms of evil. The protests of the 1960s and 1970s will seem tame in comparison…. I’ll use the enemy’s worst efforts to produce the best results in my people. My precious ones will be repulsed by sin and all of its expressions, and will turn to me with all their hearts. The contrast between the kingdoms will be evident to everyone, and everyone – evil and righteous – ultimately will agree that my judgment on evil is just.

There is nothing passive about my kingdom and passivity isn’t a valued trait. Scripture refers to the “zeal of the Lord” because I’m intensely passionate about righteousness and restoring my people. I’m developing my nature in them and they will discover my zeal; they will become zealous far beyond what they think is possible. As they see the depths of perversion and corruption sin produces, they’ll embrace my nature and righteousness with an intensity that will astound even the angels around my throne. When my people see the full reality of sin, they will adamantly reject it because they’ve experienced me. They will see the sheer danger and foolishness of flirting with sin. They’ll praise me for my grace that brought them out of the destruction of sin.

Passivism is the result of spiritual slumber or dullness. As people become more aware of me and begin seeing the spiritual pollution in society, they will have to embrace one or the other; spiritual passivity will no longer be possible. As they develop spiritually, they will become zealous for me, all that I am and everything I do. Their zeal will compel them to act.

The enemy will become openly hostile, making an open assault on everything related to me. At the same time, even the spiritually immature in my kingdom will engage in the conflict and will grow stronger and more mature. My people will identify unrighteousness and its results in every part of your society. They will grow in authority and use it to take down the principalities and powers of evil. Even those who seem least likely will be victorious over sin in their lives and the culture around them. Entire regions of righteousness will develop in your nation, just as there will be regions of absolute depravity. In most areas, however, spiritual conflict will be continuous as citizens of the two kingdoms interact in their normal daily activities. Public forums will reflect the spiritual conflict. Citizens of both kingdoms will petition lawmakers and try to influence government leaders. It’ll be obvious to everyone who belongs to each kingdom, because each will be like his father.

Tell my people not to be afraid, because Jesus won the battle on the cross. The enemy will viciously attack, but he’s already defeated and is desperately trying to regain control. He’s deluded himself into thinking he’s winning, but I’m only allowing him to do what conforms to my will, which includes demonstrating the destructiveness of sin and the justice of my judgment.

To some it may appear Satan is winning, but my Son has already defeated him and will arrive on the scene to totally impose the victory. Jesus is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Premier of all authorities. He did it all and will soon declare it all. No one can effectively challenge or dispute him. Everyone who has declared his right to live as he pleases will kneel before him and confess he is Lord. Everyone who demands the freedom to indulge in any evil practice will acknowledge righteousness as the only acceptable option. They will experience the eternal torment designed for Satan and his angels, knowing their sentence is right and the result of their own free choices.

Until then, my children will strive to persuade people with the good news, that Jesus died for them and they still have time to receive the gift of salvation. My people will become mighty activists declaring the freedom of righteousness versus the bondage of sin.


I’ve seen the wickedness on earth and it’s always grieved me because it corrupted mankind, my most prized creation. Nothing really new has happened since Adam and Eve sinned; mankind has simply added new ways to indulge himself and imagined new reasons to reject me. The increase in wickedness doesn’t change any of my plans because I fully anticipated it.

Just as Israel rejected my ways, took my blessings for granted and followed the ways of the pagan nations around them, America also has turned away from me. My people became complacent and developed a culture of self-gratification, enjoying my blessings as if they were the works of their own hands. They failed to remember that I’m the one who enabled them to create wealth. They served themselves and observed Christian rituals instead of honoring me. I sent revivals, widespread great awakenings, new movements based on new revelations and I spoke to each person’s spirit. Eventually after each spiritual response, the general population slid back into self-indulgence and complacency.

I know that cycle will continue as long as there’s sin in the world. Yet I grieve over each person who rejects me, especially those who turn away after experiencing my goodness. But I honor their choices and allow them to walk the path they choose.

Though that spiritual cycle will continue to the end, it will grow stronger as the end nears. The stress level will increase through the beginning of birth pains and great tribulation until it climaxes on the day of the Lord. Righteousness and evil will both increase, as will the conflict between them. You’ve seen this in your studies of the end times, but notice the statement that even the saints would be overwhelmed if I didn’t cut those days short.

It’s essential that my people prepare themselves spiritually now for the perilous times ahead. If they don’t prepare themselves sufficiently, they’ll be overwhelmed by evil and their love will grow cold. A cold person is one who doesn’t care about anyone else, who isn’t moved by other people’s needs and desires, who is as comfortable ignoring or even killing another as they are eating lunch. A cold person is totally self-absorbed and calloused, singed and scarred in their psyche, devoid of life in their spirit. The love of most will grow cold due to voluntary over-stimulation and gross self-indulgence, in addition to dangerous circumstances and catastrophic events in the world. People who ignore or reject me will become treacherous and think nothing of forsaking others, even to death.

While the world is plummeting to the depths of evil, I’ll use those same circumstances to develop, mature and purify my people; those who love and rely on me. When it appears the devil is totally corrupting mankind – my most prized creation – I’ll be radically transforming my people into my own image. My loved ones have nothing to fear because I’ll provide everything they need. They’ll experience all the covenant blessings firsthand. They’ll see me at work in themselves and everything they do. They’ll see my angels dispatched to destroy everything that threatens to destroy them. They’ll see my supernatural care and provision far beyond what they could ever imagine. I’ll delight in blessing them, I’ll rejoice in their love for me, I’ll honor them in front of those who hate me. While I protect my loved ones from the effects of the extreme evil rampant through the world in those days, I’ll allow those who hate me to experience all the evil they want, along with all its results.

I’m delighted about every opportunity to include my loved ones in what I do. I created humanity specifically to be like me and with me at all times, to share in all I have, to participate in everything I do. What you’ve seen and read about what I’ve done in the past doesn’t begin to compare with what I’m preparing to do in the future. The darkness and foul stench of sin’s destruction will fill the earth, but the glory, power and purity of my presence in my people will outshine it all and cleanse everyone who turns to me. Satan’s greatest efforts are nothing compared to what I accomplish with nothing more than the words I speak.


The entire world will need the mercy and grace I’ll pour out through my people, which is why I’m emphasizing spiritual maturity in my people now; so they’ll be able to withstand the events and share my goodness with those willing to receive it.
My emphasis on spiritual maturity will include the worldwide spiritual awakening, because my glory and power poured out on my people will awaken, purify and equip them spiritually. Then they’ll be prepared to face the greater difficulties ahead.


[Note from Larry: I entered a semi-dreamlike state and saw images of vile abusive treatment. I believe these are hints of the depravity coming on the earth.]

There will be unimaginable abuses by demonically-driven people and beings on earth, so vile they’ll be nauseating even to the earth-dwellers. But where sin abounds, my grace will abound even more.

Those of my people who are sold out to me will deliver miracles and acts of grace that far exceed in degree the depraved behavior. While evil excels among the depraved, my righteousness and majesty and glory will excel among my people, unlike anything throughout human history. The kingdoms of light and darkness will be on display so every being in heaven, on earth and under the earth will acknowledge my ways are completely just, including my judgment of sin.

I want you to be confident of my goodness, regardless of what you experience. That eternal, glorious hope will sustain you – protect, provide and empower you. You’ll see the spiritual beings and forces deployed on the earth and you’ll recognize their strategy. You’ll also see how I deliberately allow sin to express itself fully and how I’ll dispatch my angels to bring it to an end by confining the devil and his followers.


Your government is already incapable of dealing with the serious problems your nation faces and as conditions deteriorate the government will essentially become non-functional. The deteriorating conditions and failing government will cause many of my marginal people to turn to me out of desperation and fear; the others will try to numb themselves with decadent behavior.

The spiritual revival is already beginning and it’ll provide a focus for people who realize how desperate they are. There will be a great surge of spiritual awakening in America and around the world, but then the dark kingdom will unleash perversion, decadence and corruption to offset the awakening. Your government and culture are already turning against my people, the true church, and the response to the awakening will be a demonically-inspired, maniacal hatred of me and everyone associated with me. In some places, persecution of Jews and Christians will be legal because they’ll be a clear threat to the increasing sin. The ungodly will revel in their sinfulness and totally despise anyone who doesn’t endorse it. Anyone with any amount of godly spiritual discernment will see the source of that hatred as Satan himself.

Set your attention on the radically marvelous things I’m about to do, not on the sin of the ungodly. Be compassionate for them because they’re humans created in my image and likeness who have embraced the devil’s lies and will experience the same eternal judgment I declared for him. It grieves me to see what they’re doing and becoming, yet I honor their choices. In contrast, I rejoice over every individual who turns to me and I eagerly anticipate having all of you with me forevermore. You can’t begin to imagine how absolutely wonderful that’ll be.


The great awakening is beginning and the spiritual conflict between the spiritual kingdoms will be severe. This is another reason you need to emphasize spiritual authority and disciplines.


[My people] need to be assured that I’ll provide everything they need, even the words they should say. If they trust me completely, they have nothing to fear, but if they trust themselves, they’ll fall because the spiritual attacks against them will be overwhelming. They must prepare themselves now. They have time to prepare themselves spiritually, but they must do so deliberately and aggressively. The stronger they are spiritually and the stronger their relationship is with me, the greater victory they’ll have over the spiritual assaults and the more effective they’ll be participating in my works. I’ll be openly demonstrating my authority and power through ordinary believers and they’ll be delighted to work with me. No fear. They’ll be awed by my presence, but not afraid of the devil.


The dark kingdom is preparing people to embrace its version and perspective; I want you [plural, God’s people] to introduce mine. Some people will ridicule and reject what you say, but you’ll have fulfilled your responsibility. Don’t take it personally when people treat you badly, but rejoice that you’re actively engaged in my kingdom and promoting truth to counter the enemy’s lies. You’re responsible for delivering the message and those who hear it are responsible for how they respond.


Now, as an increasing percentage of the population embraces darkness, the dark powers have greater authority to act and you’re seeing some of the results. The problems are spiritual in origin, not political, racial, financial or even religious. Use your spiritual senses to detect and identify the destructive spirits, then use your spiritual authority to stop them.


It will appear Satan is wining, despite worldwide awakening and spiritual growth in my people. You read this morning that I work everything together synergistically for your good. You also read this morning that dark periods or severe tests are essential for spiritual development. So you can foresee how I will use the absolute worst of Satan’s persecution of the saints to produce the absolute best in them; refining by fire, in which the hottest temperature produces the greatest value. I’ll do what’s best in the long term for my people by using what’s by comparison light and momentary troubles.

People who choose to reject me will succumb to strong delusion, making them incapable of believing truth. Only a spiritual intervention will set them free. That’s where your spiritual authority will be effective. Without such an intervention, truth is a lie to them and they are so biased they can’t tolerate it. That’s one reason they get angry when presented with truth; also, the demonic being deluding them will react violently to godly truth. Yes, you’re seeing that in political conflicts now and it’s becoming prevalent in every part of your culture.


I will bless my people worldwide…. This will anger Satan, who will desperately and foolishly try to erase every trace of my goodness and blessing, so he can deceive the world and seize all of humanity as his prize. He’s the father of lies and he believes himself. It will appear he has won, but I’ll send my Son to set the record straight. No one can successfully resist me; no one.


[There will be] increasing turmoil in the spiritual and physical realms as the end times reach their climax. The increased turmoil is due in part to the increasing effectiveness of my people, who purify themselves and engage the kingdom of darkness as I intend. I’m developing a cadre of people who will disciple, train and lead others in that conflict.


My people will speak truth to citizens of Satan’s kingdom, but their voices won’t be heard. It’ll be as if they weren’t speaking at all because the spiritual ears of the wicked will be closed; their spirits unable to receive anything other than lies and deception. They embraced wickedness by engaging in perversion, the occult and every form of self-indulgence, and eventually became incapable of receiving the truth. I’ll keep presenting the hope of the good news to them, because I’m merciful and I love them, but they won’t be receptive and in the end I’ll be forced to judge them for rejecting my love. I’ll honor their free will and not force myself on them. They’ll choose Satan and his ways, and they’ll share his eternal torment – total and irreversible separation from me, without hope of relief from their punishment.