Royal Partners

Learning to Work with God

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Being a child of God can be confusing at times. Does serving Him mean doing only what He tells us, or do we have authority to act on our own? If we’re doing His will, should we expect Him to do everything for us? Why should we ask for His will to be done on earth or say “Amen” to His promises? Why would He be interested in our thoughts and desires?

This book addresses these questions and many more by examining the nature of our relationship with God. He is pleased to grant us privileges, responsibilities and authority as members of His family, allow us to conduct His business and even influence His decisions. We’re to reign on earth and have a cooperative, interdependent relationship with our heavenly Father. Only then can we be Royal Partners with Him, work beyond our ability and produce extraordinary results.


  • The Dilemma
  • God’s Design
  • God’s Intent
  • God’s Strategy
  • Cooperative, Interdependent Relationship
  • Restful Work Habits
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Why We Have Authority Over Our Earthly Domains

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Book Discussion and Study Resources

  • Book Discussion Guide. This guide is designed for facilitators of a discussion group. It examines excerpts from each chapter of “Royal Partners,” recommends asking for comments or questions relevant to those excerpts and suggests alternate questions to encourage participation. (PDF, 42 pages)
  • Scripture Text. This resource lists the text for each of the scriptures cited in the 450+ endnotes of “Royal Partners,” except a few omitted due to length. This facilitates personal study and can be invaluable in a book discussion group. (PDF, 65 pages)

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Ebook Readers’ Highlights

  • Simply believing isn’t enough; it’s what we do that produces the results. Our speech commands the circumstances, translating spiritual power into our domains.
  • Be persistent, not passive. Keep exploring, meditating, reviewing and trying to gain new insight and understanding. Keep asking, seeking and knocking so He can reveal the solutions needed. Call on Him tenaciously and never give up.
  • He interacts with our human spirits and our human minds are largely unaware of what happens in the spiritual realm.
  • In other words, as we rely on Him, we get better results with less effort, which makes relying on God a restful work habit.
  • The goal is to develop a restful attitude and absolutely reject anxiety in any form.
  • Redemption includes restoring people to their original or intended status.
  • Psychological shock and over-stimulation are primary elements of western culture and they produce stress.
  • Without Him, we can do nothing; but without us, He will do nothing.
  • His goal is to keep maturing us so we become increasingly like Him and keep moving toward our life purpose.
  • The goal is to develop a restful attitude and absolutely reject anxiety in any form. We can achieve that goal by living according to God’s Word, tenaciously applying what He shows us and not tolerating old behavior.
  • Christianity is about relationship with God, not about following His principles, and we must have two-way communication to have effective relationship.
  • Salvation is not about life after death, but life after birth. Redemption is a life-long process and salvation is the starting point.
  • Because we have authority over our domains, we can exercise that authority over anything that threatens or doesn’t belong in our domains, whether it originates in the physical realm or the spiritual. We can drive out demons, heal the sick, calm the storms, command evil spirits to stop interfering, whatever we think we need to do.
  • Fear is negative faith, a negative imagination, and it causes us to believe that something negative will happen in the future.
  • Regardless of what we think, we have authority over demons, disease, the physical world and everything in it, and we exercise that authority by acting or speaking. Simply believing isn’t enough; it’s what we do that produces the results. Our speech commands the circumstances, translating spiritual power into our domains.
  • Instead of being passive and thinking we have no value other than our availability, we must first recognize the value of the gifts, abilities and potential He placed within each of us. Then we must actively, even aggressively, use what He has given us to perform the tasks He prepared for us.
  • The goal is to develop a restful attitude and absolutely reject anxiety in any form. We can achieve that goal by living according to God’s Word, tenaciously applying what He shows us and not tolerating old behavior.
  • Biblical rest isn’t always a cessation of activity, but it’s definitely a calmness, an assurance that everything will conform to Father’s purpose.
  • His goal is to keep maturing us so we become increasingly like Him and keep moving toward our life purpose.
  • He doesn’t abandon us or get disgusted when we goof. He gives us permission to learn.

Introduction to the Book

As Christians, we can be more than ordinary people having occasional experiences with God. We don’t need to consider Him our last resort and turn to Him only after everything else has failed. When we examine what the Bible says about our relationship with Him, we discover He wants to do more than solve our problems, supply our needs or heal our hurts. Not content with being our support staff, He longs to be actively engaged in everything we do.

In this book, we’ll explore some aspects of the dynamic and life-altering relationship we have with our heavenly Father. We’ll discover He’s restoring the authority mankind lost through Adam’s original sin and that an important aspect of our becoming Christlike is being able to use that authority as He intends. It may surprise us to discover how He honors that authority and how it governs His interactions with us.

As we learn to work cooperatively with Him, we’ll radically alter our work habits because we’ll learn to rely on Him for the desired results. More than that, we’ll begin anticipating results that only He can produce, extraordinary results by human standards. By faithfully doing our part and relying on Him to do His, we become Royal Partners with God.

12 comments on “Royal Partners

Abigail Forrest on April 16, 2015 4:45 pm

This sounds very similar to what God has been teaching me in the last few weeks. I pray you will be successful in exactly what God is doing in your life….and unimaginable blessing will follow. Sounds like a book I would buy and read.

Tom on January 1, 2016 11:59 am

I just finished “Royal Partners” and I’m blown away with the greatness of this book. After hearing me talk about how great it is day after day my wife bought the Kindle version and on her first reading said thanks for recommending the book. I am 68 years old and have been retired for 9 years but being bored stiff I will be starting a business within a couple of months, in fact leaving next week for training. I saw your book on Charisma newsletters and I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to read the free material on Amazon and I couldn’t get enough. I purchased the book and I know this is going to greatly improve my walk with God. It also alleviates all my fears and concerns of starting a business at 68 years old. My wife and I will do our part, work and walk in Gods will and He will do his part, which I already knew but through your book I can see clearly how it all comes together. God Bless you and thank you for a great book, you have made a big difference in our lives.

IFEOMA EDTH CHUKWUOGO (Nigeria) on January 23, 2017 4:27 am


Sandra McLaughlin on January 23, 2017 6:00 am

When I saw that you are 68 and going to start a business, I was, well, for lack of a better term, relieved. I’ll turn 60 in June and have grappled with “Am I too old to start something new”? Apparently I’m at a great age to start something new! Your book may be what I need to get started.

Larry Fox on January 23, 2017 1:28 pm

That was one of my readers, who was starting a business at 68. It’s never too late to “begin” what God leads you to do, because ultimately our part is being faithful and God’s part is making things happen. More than that, God often chooses people who feel or are viewed by others as unqualified, because then He will receive the glory when it succeeds, as He should.

Maureen on January 23, 2017 8:03 am

It has been inspiring to be in touch with your ministry

Benjamin Bonni on May 24, 2017 3:23 am

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your help,I do not deserve all this. Is His grace and I will be praying for you that God more open to us the Pastors in Africa.Thank you God richly bless you all.
Pastor Benjamin Bonn

Michael Albinus on June 4, 2017 2:24 am

As I am one of elders in the Church I would like to know deeper how to work with God. I believe this is a very good book. God bless your ministry

Peter Haines on February 10, 2018 8:57 pm

I haven’t read the book but I can pick the substance and recognise Jesus actually taught this. Fellow heirs and being ‘Seed’ of His seed, or in the plural of ‘Seed’, which is described also as being in heavenly places in him and he in us. I have never heard it taught.
He said explicitly that “it is expedient that I go away… provide [‘prepare’ is the wrong option in translation] a place for you…that where I am [present tense not Future!] there you may be also. Which simply says he is literally the Way and if we don’t walk it as he provides [ that we walk as he walked ] we deny he is the way. ‘The way’ does not mean the only true religion or true saviour. That is academic theology. Walking the same walk in relation with the Father and the Holy Spirit and the word is a supernatural way. A material mansion in heaven built by the carpenter of Nazareth is carnal, like fighting over Jerusalem.

Amanda on March 29, 2019 10:25 pm

Bom post. Eu aprendo algo totalmente novo e desafiador na sites eu stumbleupon todos os dias. [“Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on the websites I stumble upon every day.”]

Agnes Namayanja on September 26, 2019 4:10 am

thx a lot for the free chapter

Jim Marshall on May 9, 2020 6:51 am

Carona 19 is requiring a reset on everyone’s life. Things will never be the old normal again. This too is the day (time) that the Lord has made, So, Rejoice and Be Glad In It!!!!!!.
Let’s not miss this great time to reset our thinking and our relationship with our Heavenly Father and our elder brother Jesus. He has everything under control, and as Larry has so beautifully pointed out, desires to partner with us in all aspects of our life. Father already knows tomorrow, and we cannot walk this redeemed life without him. He wants to partner with us.
Thanks Larry for your ministry and faithfulness in dividing the word for us.

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